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The 2024 State of Testing in DevOps Report


In our 5th State of Testing in DevOps Report, over 500 software development and QA leaders shared the status of their DevOps adoption journey, and how testing activities impact adoption, collaboration, and customer happiness.


The key takeaways? DevOps transformations are being prioritized by almost 90% of global organizations, but not without challenges. The report details the technologies being adopted to drive DevOps maturity, what software development teams need to prioritize to be successful, and the role of QA in DevOps teams. It also explores the adoption of AI in testing and DevOps, and how teams are using it to improve quality.

Access the report now to benchmark your team, understand industry trends, and transform testing into a DevOps enabler.

The data will reveal:


Trends in development velocity and processes


How high-performing teams are allocating testing responsibility and the impact on quality


The investments other fully DevOps organizations are making in testing


New ways to embrace quality in high-velocity environments

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