Unified Platform

Increase Test Coverage with a Single Platform

One Platform

Create, execute, and maintain intelligent tests - all from a single platform. With mabl’s powerful functionality all in one place, software teams can reap the benefits of intelligent automated testing throughout the development lifecycle. As a unified platform, it is easier to promote a culture of quality and democratize testing across your organization.

One Platform

Test as a Team

mabl enables QAs, developers and product owners to collaborate on end-to-end testing at every stage of the development and delivery workflow to optimize their pipeline and deliver quality code faster. Customers use mabl workspaces to group application environments, credentials, tests, and plans. This common space provides both flexibility and visibility to manage tests across your workflow and your team.

Customer Centric

Native SaaS Solution

mabl is a native SaaS solution that ensures teams no longer have to spend time and money managing infrastructure. Instead, it offers high availability and accessibility (regardless of where your testers are), high performance test execution and infinite scalability.

It is offered as an annual subscription with full onboarding, ongoing training and a designated customer success manager for the duration of the contract.

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Cross-browser Testing

mabl is intelligent test automation that offers native cross-browser support for Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Create each test once and reliably run it across browsers, without flakiness or the need for browser-specific test changes. Plus, users have the ability to run unlimited parallel tests across browsers, enabling fast feedback and infinite scale.

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Intelligent CI/CD Pipelines

Mabl helps enable software development teams to optimize their pipelines to deliver quality software and quality customer experience - fast. Intelligent CI/CD workflows can automatically make informed decisions (such as promoting or demoting a build) based on individual mabl test insights - decisions that previously could only be done manually. Users can take advantage of mabl’s native integrations with popular CI/CD tools like BitbucketGitHub and Azure Pipelines, or use the mabl CLI to create one.


Benefits of Automated End-to-end Testing

Repair bugs and test failures in a fraction of the time it would otherwise

Reduce the cost of repairing bugs and test failures late in the dev lifecycle

Avoid the burden of accumulated changes

Workflow Continuity

mabl enables teams to shift testing left and integrate software testing earlier in the development cycle. This allows teams to reduce the risk introduced from code changes and develop quality applications faster. In addition to deep integrations with development tools like JiraGitHub and Azure Pipelines, mabl has native features built in that empower developers to integrate UI testing into their workflows:


Headless Local Runner

Run and debug tests on your local machine in headless mode, ensuring fast feedback without compromising quality

mabl CLI

mabl gives you everything you need to create, edit and run end-to-end tests while obtaining actionable insights - all from the command line on your local machine


Update tests and collaborate on changes without affecting existing master versions - to make sure that the changes work and the right version of a test is paired with the right version of the code.


Snapshots enable teams to safely promote test changes together with code changes across a CI/CD pipeline while running tests across every environment 

Selenium import

For software teams who have an existing suite of Selenium-based tests, mabl offers a tool to migrate those tests into the platform allowing users to benefit from intelligent test automation including auto-healing, which immediately reduces future maintenance of those tests.

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