reliable Tests

Easily create and maintain reliable automated UI tests

Rapid test creation with the mabl Trainer

The mabl Trainer is a Chrome extension that enables any team member to rapidly create scriptless tests. It records your actions as you click through your web app and turns them into resilient, automated UI tests. The mabl Trainer also lets you include advanced logic in your tests such as assertions, variables, conditional steps, and loops


The Trainer makes it simple to rapidly generate customer-centric tests with:

Reusable flows
Creating a flow allows you to reuse a common sequence of steps across multiple tests, saving users time by reducing repetitive tasks.

Data-driven testing (DDT)
DDT allows you to easily increase test coverage by checking many scenarios at once with the same test - no scripting or technical know-how needed.

JavaScript snippets
For users that have more complex scenarios that are better handled programmatically, the Trainer has the flexibility to write or add a JavaScript snippet.


AI-powered auto-healing

As your UI evolves with development, mabl’s AI-powered auto-healing evolves the tests along with it. During test creation and execution, mabl captures over 35 unique element attributes for both the target element and its parent. This information history feeds into mabl’s proprietary algorithms that locate the right page element - even when it moves on the page (XPath) or some of its attributes change (e.g. id, class, innerText, etc.). Each time mabl auto-heals a test, it generates an insight for you to review.

Auto-healing provides immense value by helping users:

Save Time

Save up to 90% on overall time for test maintenance

Human Error

Reduce risk of human error when manually updating tests


Easily create and maintain reliable tests, even for the most dynamic of apps

Framework-agnostic testing

Dynamic Single Page Applications (SPAs) built with frameworks like React, Angular, and VueJS are notoriously difficult to test due to constantly changing element IDs and the lack of unique element identifiers. mabl’s agnostic approach to these front-end frameworks relies on a large number of smart element locators for both the target element and its ancestor to collect enough information to uniquely identify an element and auto-heal the test in future runs. No other automated testing solution provides such a large library of identifiers - and mabl continues to expand upon it.