Customer-centric Testing

Create End-to-end Tests from Your User’s Perspective

Codeless Test Creation

The mabl Trainer’s modern, highly-intuitive design was built to enable virtually any team member - regardless of their technical ability - to create tests based on key user flows in the application. Codeless test creation with mabl not only allows you to capture your customer’s actual experience in context of your entire application, but also allows your technical team members to avoid the tedious task of writing and maintaining code for your tests.


End-to-end Testing

As your customer’s journey includes other channels outside your application, so should your testing. Gain visibility to the overall quality of your end-to-end customer experience with these additional capabilities in mabl.

End to end testing-02

mabl mailbox capabilities allow you to build tests that complete the user journey from account registration to confirmation email and back to the application again.

PDF validation in mabl allows you to automatically test PDF files and their contents, including capturing screenshots and detecting visual changes.

API requests can be easily included in your end-to-end tests to validate the response, status code, headers and body (JSON/Text) values to ensure that the UI and API both produce the same result.

Real User Behavior

mabl helps you test what truly matters - the customer’s experience within your web application. You can leverage mabl’s native integration with Segment.io to track real user behavior data and expose test coverage gaps across your most visited application pages. This information helps inform your QA strategy and allows you to focus on prioritizing coverage in the application areas that matter most.

User Behavior

Customer-driven Pipeline

mabl enables developers to get closer to the end-user experience during code creation by implementing functional tests much earlier in the development process. In addition to using isolated unit tests, they can integrate impactful tests into their workflow that will help them create quality code in the context of the broader application, and more importantly with their end-users in mind.

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