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Rich Application Test Data

mabl collects the most comprehensive diagnostic data of any application testing solution and generates AI-driven insights that increase confidence in deployment and enable swift test failure analysis. Rich application data, including DOM snapshot, network activity (HAR files) and Chrome performance steptrace, is collected at every step of each test to help accelerate root-cause analysis and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) of identified defects. In addition, mabl monitors test execution performance through its speed index and can spot issues with ML-powered performance anomaly detection within test plans.


Comprehensive data in mabl provides significant value:

For all tests - passed or failed - mabl reveals a full picture of what happened before, during and after the failure.

Stored historical runs allow users to compare results to see and diagnose failures faster.

Test failure are easily analyzed without having to reproduce issues.

Test Coverage

Using data gathered from the link-crawler, mabl’s test coverage feature allows you to gain insight and visibility into how well your tests cover the user experience with your application. This allows you to understand the percentage of test coverage within your application, as well as complexity of pages (based on number of interactive elements) so you can better prioritize areas for increased testing. In addition, mabl’s integration with allows you to go a level deeper by incorporating real user-behavior into test coverage - informing your test strategy and exploratory testing of highly used application areas.

Test Coverage

Visual Change Detection

As mabl tests your app, a visual model can be built using the data from each test run. This AI-powered feature compares the visual baseline with subsequent test runs to detect visual anomalies anytime the test runs. Visual change detection runs passively in the background to proactively identify problem areas and issues without any effort. And, you can go back and review screenshots anytime using mabl’s Visual Explorer.

Visual Change Detection-01

Automatic Test Generation

The mabl link-crawler autonomously generates tests that cover all reachable paths within your web application. This feature automatically launches with every application added to a workspace in mabl and maps out all links within your application - giving you immediate insight into broken links and helping you prioritize complex pages.

In addition, you can set up mabl to automatically generate a visual smoke test and check for successful loading, visual changes, broken links, JavaScript errors and network activity issues across browsers.

Automatic Test Generation

Test Failure Annotation

To better understand the holistic quality of your application, mabl enables you to annotate and filter test failures. This allows you to aggregate test failure reasons across your selected environment and gain better insight into issues in your application or development workflow.

Test Failute Annotation

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