mabl integration with CircleCI

In a world where teams are releasing product updates faster than ever before, new challenges have emerged. Quality assurance and testing have become a significant bottleneck for teams due to the time it takes to run and maintain reliable, effective tests. However, by integrating automated testing directly into CI/CD, dev teams can adequately support rapid release cycles without sacrificing application quality.

CircleCI is a continuous integration and continuous deployment service that ties automated builds, tests and releases together in a single workflow. CircleCI is available both as a hosted service and as an on-premise installation. The CircleCI Orb developed to integrate with mabl makes it easy for customers to execute tests as part of their CI/CD pipeline and to provide a test report of the executed tests inside the CircleCI interface.


mabl and CircleCI together accelerate development by:

  • Automatically testing builds for visual, functional and performance regressions on every deployment
  • Enabling your CI/CD workflow to automatically make informed decisions based on individual test output – decisions that would otherwise have to be done manually
  • View mabl test results directly in the CircleCI interface

Value of integrating automated testing into your development workflow:

  • Enable faster, more efficient management of your entire software delivery pipeline
  • Reduce cost of issue resolution by catching them earlier in the development lifecycle
  • Reduce the time developers would have to spend on tedious server configuration and bug fixing 

Improve Your Workflow with Test Automation

Mean Time to Repair

Significantly reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) by decreasing the cost of downtime

Team Collaboration

Improve collaboration across the team including QA engineers and developers


Increase overall software development velocity while improving application quality

The mabl integration for CircleCI is an Orb stanza that makes it easy to incorporate reliable end-to-end tests as part of your build and deployment process. To start testing every build, simply add the trigger-tests Orb stanza to your project configuration.