No maintenance
No operations overhead

Creating robust automated tests is codeless and scriptless.

Testing infrastructure is fully managed in the cloud. Scale tests infinitely and run them all in parallel.

Auto-healing tests adapt to UI changes without intervention.

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More than a record and play tool

mabl harvests numerous identifiers from elements in the DOM, and uses this data to make your automated tests resilient to changes to the UI.

Create tests with mabl’s browser extension

Use your app like your users would, and the mabl Trainer browser extension will track your user interactions to create a test.

Add advanced logic to your tests

Easily add assertions, generate variables, insert JavaScript snippets, and more from within the mabl Trainer browser extension.

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Add teammates to your workspace

Share test output details with developers and others on the project, or give them the ability to create their own tests in your workspace.

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Self-maintaining tests free up time for the important tasks.

mabl collects dozens of identifiers for each UI element in your app, so as your UI evolves with development, your tests evolve too.

Your tests will adapt to UI changes automatically and stay up to date even after several successive UI changes.

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Test dynamic apps with ease

mabl’s adaptive quality means you can reliably test apps built on dynamic frameworks like React and Angular.

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Comprehensive attempts

When there are several similar elements in your app, mabl ranks partial and uncertain matches, and make several attempts at the step to evaluate which element is the most likely fit.

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Security backed by Google, Stripe, and Auth0

Tests are executed on Google Cloud Platform and all data is encrypted in Google Cloud Storage.

Saved credentials are encrypted with Google Key Management Service.

Stripe and Auth0 protect your login and payment information.

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Secure inside mabl

Cookies, local storage, and other data are never shared across execution nodes or test runs, not even for the same tests.

Data collected by machine learning models are not shared with other user’s models - your models are your own.

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