Shift-Right Testing

Observability, Monitoring, Chaos Engineering, oh my!

The DevTestOps Landscape surveys focus on the evolving role of the tester. As more organizations make the shift to DevOps, testing is impacted in a number of ways that we don't completely understand. That's we're mapping out the landscape of testing in DevOps - what we call DevTestOps.

In last year's survey, we focused on how much testing was being done manually and being automated across different phases of the DevOps tech transformation, and how that affects stress levels and product quality.

This year, we're shifting gears and focusing on Shift-Right testing (pun intended). Which shift-right testing practices are most commonly implemented? How many teams are actually doing it well? Can you do shift-right testing without shift-left testing? The survey is now closed, but sign up to stay in touch for the results when they're out!