The State of DevTestOps

The DevTestOps Landscape Survey Report for 2020 is here! We’ve run this survey over last two years to reveal what the industry is doing to ensure quality while shipping software at rapid speeds. Evaluate how effective your development practices are compared to the industry as a whole, and distill lessons to shape your goals for the next few years.


The Mission

Understanding the landscape of testing in DevOps

DevOps emerged in order to help software teams bring value to customers faster; QA no doubt has a huge role in the customer experience. But as DevOps delivery practices are being adopted across the industry, more often than not, they’re built without quality assurance as a core capability. Teams have no choice but to build a testing strategy as they go, rather than designing the culture, processes, and tools upfront.

Not having a solid QA foundation is like not seeing the forest for the trees. Leaving QA testing as an afterthought in an DevOps or CI/CD environment results in measurable inefficiencies across the entire development team, and oftentimes negatively impacts the user experience.

The first step to solving any problem? Understanding it. To understand the inefficiencies of QA in DevOps, we’ve mapped out the current landscape of testing in DevOps to unveil what development and testing processes result in world class software, such as:

• CI/CD and cloud adoption 
• Integrating QA into development Automation and manual processes
• Team culture that work for employees and for your customers

With a better understanding of the challenges and roadblocks to making quality a first-class citizen in our development practices, our mission is to put testing into the center of DevOps - what we call DevTestOps. 

The popularity of daily deployments is growing the fastest

Manual testing in place of automation has little effect on the customer experience

Adopting a SAAS testing tool is key to successful automation

Shift-Right Testing

Observability, Monitoring, Chaos Engineering, oh my!

In last year's survey, we focused on how much testing was being done manually and being automated across different phases of the DevOps tech transformation, and how that affects stress levels and product quality. This year, we're shifting gears and focusing on Shift-Right testing (pun intended). Which shift-right testing practices are most commonly implemented? What's the easiest thing you can do to participate in the shift? 


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