Silver Star Brands empowers manual testers to advance their career in automated testing

Silver Star Brands has a QA team of manual testers, and Anna is one of them. Though manual testing is her forte, she wants to shift her career towards doing both automation and manual testing. mabl serves as the perfect platform for her in that it takes advanced coding concepts and conceptualizes them in an easy-to-navigate user interface.

A test automation tool needs to be easy to use to be a long-term solution

Anna and several of her predecessors lacked the coding experience needed to create and maintain tests within their previous toolset, Tricentis Tosca. It took days to just update a single test — it only takes 15 minutes to create an entire test suite with mabl.

Leading the automation efforts on her team with mabl

mabl’s ease of use, bounty of training materials, and helpful customer success team empowers Anna by enabling her to lead and own the automation efforts for her team. Adopting mabl not only saves time in her day, but helps Anna drive towards her test automation career goals.

Easy, Fun, Intuitive. Web Quality Assurance Analyst, Anna Bilek, from Silver Star Brands


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