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Manual Testing

Manual testing cost too much time and money, could not keep up with the speed of development.

Test Creation Speed

Beneficial tests created within first 24 hours


Increased customer satisfaction and sales

Test Efficiency

Testing is efficient and fast

Karpel, a software company based out of St. Louis, MO, provides ProsecutorByKarpel (PBK) - an industry leading criminal case management tool that prosecutors use to minimize manual tasks throughout the life of their legal cases. Its customers benefit from the unique ability to digitally track historical case records, streamline processes, and focus on effective administration of justice in accordance with local laws where they practice - ultimately helping their customers gain the best possible outcome for their clients.

Lead QA engineer at Karpel, Brent Engelman, points out another benefit of their software: “Carrying a laptop with all the information accessible through PBK is a lot lighter for attorneys than carrying around a large box paper case files.”

The quality of Karpel’s legal software is not only crucial to their business and customers, but also to the greater communities at large. If PBK has bugs or issues, people’s lives and the safety of their communities could, quite literally, be at stake. For example, a bug in Karpel’s software could prevent attorneys from accessing important case information or missing steps in the process, potentially risking the premature release of a criminal or other serious implications.

Time is very valuable to our business. We try to push everything as fast as we can go. Auto-healing tests within mabl help our testing process go faster. Instead of waiting for a round of tests to complete on one machine, we can run multiple tests at once. Brent Engelman Lead QA Engineer, Karpel

Manual testing was a costly disadvantage

Today, there are over 9,000 users of ProsecutorByKarpel. The development team is using an agile model to quickly bring new features and functionality to those users. The team releases new features 5-10 times/month and, up until recently, had been exclusively manually testing new features - which was highly inefficient for both the QA team and their engineers. The Karpel team could only support testing once before each release, which created a variety of problems, including: recurring issues, flawed new features and customers finding bugs in production.

Brent and team, along with Karpel’s executive leadership, realized they were spending too much time and money on these preventable issues. They decided it was necessary to start testing the software early and often throughout the entire development lifecycle. That’s when they began looking for an alternative to manual testing, and selected mabl for their automated testing solution.

Since mabl is a scriptless solution, non-technical testers are able to easily create and maintain tests and benefit from the power of automation. Brent Engelman Lead QA Engineer, Karpel

Automated testing with mabl delivers immediate value

Once mabl was chosen as the de facto software testing solution, the Karpel team was able to implement and fully integrate it in a matter of days. They found value almost immediately when they created a variety of beneficial smoke tests within the first 24 hours. Shortly thereafter, they had full test workflows up and running for a variety of use cases.

In a matter of a few weeks, mabl had helped the team find and correct recurring issues throughout the development lifecycle; and they were able to ensure that detrimental bugs did not reach their customers and cause major disruptions. Now when new features and product updates are released, customer expectations are exceeded, which has improved overall customer retention and increased new business sales.

Karpel's software has complicated and customizable user workflows. Automated, self-healing mabl tests keep test suites running smoothly without false positives.  Brent Engelman Lead QA Engineer, Karpel

Brent also found that mabl saves him and his team a lot of time compared to their days of manual testing. As a result, his team can spend more time on value-add tasks, like exploratory and new feature testing. Plus, since mabl is a scriptless solution, Brent does not need to hire technical engineers to get the value of automation! Non-technical testers are able to easily create and maintain tests and benefit from the power of an enterprise tool.

Finally, the cloud-powered intelligence inherent to mabl makes testing more efficient and faster. Automated, self-healing tests help the test suites run smoothly without false positives. This is especially helpful in Karpel’s case because their software has complicated and customizable user workflows. Instead of waiting for a round of tests to complete on one machine, Karpel can run multiple tests on many machines, in parallel - exponentially cutting down the time it takes to run entire test suites. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

mabl not only helped improve efficiency of the Karpel team, they can now rest assured that improvement in the quality of the software is helping their customers protect the lives of the people they serve. They’re no longer struggling to keep up with the speed of agile development, because mabl is the solution to help balance out the scales.

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