NetForum Cloud Transforms Their User Experience With a 40% Increase in Automated Tests


NetForum Cloud's updated UI demanded smarter, faster automated testing to maintain quality across all user journeys.


20% less time spent on manual testing


40% increase in automated test cases


Downtime for feature updates is almost 0.

About NetForum Cloud

NetForum Cloud - a Community Brands solution -  is the technology fueling positive change around the world. Used by thousands of associations and nonprofits around the world, their platform enables organizations to provide career centers, manage memberships, learning, accounting, fundraising, donations, and events so they can focus on their mission.

NetForum Cloud Provides Customers with Future-Proof Technology

Digital experiences are core to NetForum Cloud and their clients. As the backbone of thousands  of nonprofit organizations, NetForum Cloud delivers a seamless user experience that enables customers to maximize staff productivity and optimize engagement with members. To ensure these critical organizations have the best technology to advance their  mission, NetForum Cloud is continuously evolving their development practices to deliver high-quality user experiences. 

An Evolving User Interface Puts Larger Demands on Testing 

Aniket Sonwalker, QA Manager for R&D at NetForum Cloud, leads a team of 25 QA professionals dedicated to maintaining quality for their customers. NetForum Cloud includes a wide range of functionalities that span everything nonprofit organizations need to engage members, optimize operations, and establish online storefronts for maximum growth and community impact. This extensive suite of features demands a comprehensive testing strategy to maintain NetForum Cloud’s high standards for the user experience. To ensure every feature works as intended, Aniket’s team managed an extensive custom test automation framework built on an open-source tool that had 1,500+ test cases. Updating NetForum Cloud’s UI meant a rapid increase in the number of changes across the product, triggering a need to rethink how automated testing adapted to NetCloud’s evolving product. The NetForum team realized they needed a better way to scale testing across all possible user journeys. 

Smarter Test Automation with Autohealing Accelerates Time to Quality 

NetForum Cloud’s continuing tradition of process improvement and Aniket’s extensive experience in managing similar quality transformations prompted the team to start searching for a new test automation platform. After vetting several potential solutions, the team moved forward with mabl.

Mabl’s suite of intelligent features and low-code user interface proved to be an important enabler for faster testing. Autohealing quickly reduced the amount of time the NetForum Cloud QA team spent on test maintenance, allowing Aniket and his team to match the pace of NetForum Cloud’s agile development practices. With less time spent on test maintenance, the team has developed a consistent schedule for migrating their automated tests from the previous framework to mabl; every sprint, the team simply recreates previously-failed tests in mabl’s low-code test automation platform. NetForum Cloud’s QA team is now able to automate 70 to 80 percent of failed tests in each sprint, effectively re-balancing the amount of routine automated testing, test maintenance, and expanding their testing strategy. 

NetForum Cloud’s commitment to migrating automated testing into mabl is already showing impressive efficiency gains: the QA team has been able to reduce the time spent on repetitive manual testing by 20 percent. With less time spent on rote testing, Aniket and his team have more time to improve their overall testing strategy and support NetForum Cloud’s UI transformation.

Scaling Automated Testing Across the NetForum Cloud User Experience

Evolving NetForum Cloud’s user experience wouldn’t be possible without a corresponding evolution in their testing strategy. As the customer journey changed, Aniket and his team recognized the need for a testing framework that enabled improved test coverage - without burdening them with endless test maintenance down the road. NetForum Cloud users will also experience less, or no downtime for NetForum Cloud feature updates.

Mabl’s intuitive low-code interface allowed the NetForum Cloud team to quickly scale their cross browser testing strategy. The shorter test creation time reduced the effort needed to improve test coverage across all user journeys, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer-dependent paths. Considering that Aniket’s team has 25 QA professionals all contributing to testing, reusable flows were essential for quickly sharing knowledge and implementing best practices at scale. Since implementing mabl in January, the NetForum Cloud QA team has increased automated test cases by 40 percent, with an emphasis on cross browser testing and regression testing. As a result, NetForum Cloud users are experiencing significantly less - or even zero -  downtime for feature updates. 

Despite NetForum Cloud’s new user interface undergoing significant updates in recent months, the QA team is staying ahead of test maintenance with mabl’s autohealing features. The combination of low-code and intelligence has made it far more efficient and effective to manage a testing strategy for a complex product and a large testing team. As a result, Aniket’s team has accelerated product velocity while also improving the NetForum Cloud customer experience. 

Investing in NetForum Cloud’s Future with Intelligent Test Automation

Migrating between test automation platforms can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when the QA team has already invested significant effort in building a custom framework. But for the NetForum Cloud team, a gradual transition has enabled them to accelerate product velocity, reduce time spent on manual testing, and contribute to critical product transformations. With mabl’s powerful combination of low-code test creation and autohealing, Aniket and his team have been able to update and expand their testing strategy for the updated NetForum Cloud user experience. QA is able to contribute to maintaining product quality, digital transformation, and the customer experience without slowing product velocity or overburdening their team.

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