Fortune 500 Finance Company Migrates Automation Test Suites from Cucumber and Selenium to mabl

High cost, high maintenance, slow to code tests

This quality engineering manager and his team ran into issues common to Selenium-based frameworks. Tests were slow to code, taking 1-2 days to write a test for a single scenario. Dynamic React apps meant that Selenium tests were often brittle and flakey, pulling time away from the automation team who were spending 20-30% of their time maintaining Selenium tests alone.

Creating tests 24x faster with mabl

It only takes the team 30 minutes on average to create a mabl test so they've been testing earlier and more often. They migrated their entire acceptance test suite and have been able to add brand new tests for features under development, adding test coverage to release candidates at the first stage of their release pipeline. They would otherwise not have the time to create the same volume of tests if they were using Selenium.

Simple, yet powerful. Quality Engineering Manager at this Fortune 500 Finance Company


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