Limited resources made maintaining tests on multiple integrations undesirable

As a software quality team using Selenium, having to test their tool with traffic from apps like Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Dropbox that are each frequently updated by their vendors would mean dedicating a sizeable part of their time to test maintenance. To avoid this burden, their director began looking for an alternative and started using mabl.

Slicing test creation and maintenance time

After beginning work on the project with mabl, the junior SDET assigned to it quickly discovered that they could create more tests with less effort than with Selenium. The team was also able to reuse the tests they created for one environment on other ones with simple plan configuration changes rather than rewriting the tests. This lead to their manual testing team being able to automate 100 test cases in one training session.

Lowering required operational resources

Since mabl allowed the same number of tests to be written by fewer engineers and removed the need for infrastructure or Windows VMs, the team was able to save time and money.


"Makes life easy."

Director of software quality at this security company on mabl.