A DevTestOps Landscape Panel

A candid discussion around how testing processes are breaking in tech transformations.

In 2018, mabl conducted a survey to learn how the role of testers/QA professionals is changing as more software delivery teams move towards continuous delivery and build a DevOps culture. 

The survey results surfaced some serious issues around testers on teams adopting DevOps and CI/CD, such as feeling more stressed than any other team, less satisfaction around testing processes and effectiveness - all while never even reaching the full potential of DevOps. 

A panel of leading testing practitioners shared their insights about the survey results, and answered questions, not only about DevOps and CD, but traditional testing and quality processes and the pitfalls to avoid in tech transformations. 

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Meet the panelists:

We’ve gathered panelists who are experienced in a wide range of testing and quality approaches.

Joe Colantonio is known for his automation expertise and his many Test Guild activities, including the Test Talks podcast and online conferences dedicated to test automation, security and performance testing. He helps get the word out on the latest testing and DevOps practices. 

Parveen Khan is a Senior Test Engineer at Scott Logic. She’s also a writer and international speaker, sharing her experiences as a tester on a team adopting agile, and more recently, DevOps, including a guest post about adapting to the new world of pipelines on mabl’s blog. 

Simon Prior is the Non-Gaming QA Programme Manager at Camelot, home of the National Lottery in the UK. He worked as a developer, build engineer, Scrum Master and QA manager at McAfee, and recently left to head up testing for non-gaming systems at Camelot, in a more traditional software development environment. He’s a well-known speaker at testing conferences. His passion is helping people grow professionally in the software industry, and he regularly gives career talks on Testing and IT in schools and universities. He’s the host of the Aylesbury Tester Gathering and also shares his experiences on his blog.

Lisa Crispin is a Testing Advocate at mabl. She has shared her experiences as a hands-on tester on agile teams by co-authoring several books on agile testing, as well as a video course and live training course “Agile Testing for the Whole Team”. She co-facilitates tutorials and workshops at testing and agile conferences. Helping teams succeed with continuous delivery is one of her favorite activities.

Your Host:

Chou Yang is an art student, turned engineer, turned marketer. She enjoys her days at mabl engaging with the testing community via the Ministry of Testing meetup group Boston, Twitter, and of course, the mabl blog. You can find her napping in random nooks in the mabl office, and at chou@mabl.com