mabl Strengthens Commitment to Elevate Software Testing Professionals with Certification Program

Adoption of quality engineering practices in modern software development spurs demand for new learning resources

Released November 1, 2022 - mabl, the SaaS leader in intelligent test automation, today announced the launch of a new mabl Certification program beginning with the availability of both foundational and advanced skills assessments available through mabl University. This newly created program empowers users, or anyone interested in learning test automation, to expand their knowledge of quality engineering and demonstrate proficiency in using mabl’s low-code test automation platform through free, self-paced learning.

The certification program includes two options - mabl Skills Certification: Foundations and mabl Skills Certification: Advanced. Participants upskill through self-paced recommended learning paths and how-to videos in conjunction with mabl product documentation to become more proficient in low-code test automation and demonstrate their new knowledge with assessments. The certification program enables quality assurance and quality engineering professionals to showcase their automated testing skills as they grow in their career. Visit to learn more.

“Elevating testing through learning and development is critical to software teams that are undergoing development and digital transformations,” said Izzy Azeri, co-founder at mabl. “As businesses and development evolves, we’re happy to offer the software quality community a growing number of educational resources as they seek new opportunities for growth.”

Join mabl for their annual mabl Experience 2022 event this week. The event has attracted over 1000 registrants looking to learn more about these new resources, and to hear from industry leaders and mabl customers about how they are adopting quality engineering practices to elevate testing and deliver better business outcomes.