Mabl Modernizes and Democratizes Software Development with the Launch of AI-powered, Low-Code Mobile App Testing

New offering joins mabl’s comprehensive suite, affirming its position as the leading provider for SaaS test automation across mobile, web, performance, APIs and accessibility

BOSTON, April 23, 2024 – mabl, the leading unified test automation platform delivering a modern approach to software quality, today announced the launch of mobile application testing to its platform. In an era where a negative mobile experience translates to a 62% decrease in future brand purchases compared to a positive encounter – and organizations are under increasing pressure to conduct rapid release cycles – mabl is upending the way that developers, engineers, and QA teams deliver quality software to their end users. 

Using mabl’s mobile app testing provides as much as a 90% improvement in test coverage and reliability, while drastically cutting down test creation time to as little as 2 minutes. As a unified test automation platform built on low-code and AI innovations, mabl allows employees across the entirety of an organization to manage the QA process – effectively building and democratizing a culture of quality throughout the organization. 

“As the world's largest photo management platform, we needed a seamless solution to solve our distinctive challenge of managing and organizing customers’ photo uploads across mobile and web platforms. Mabl emerged as an exceptionally responsive and attentive partner for us to quickly test for errors and integrate workflow changes,” said Janet Bracewell, Senior Engineering Manager at SmugMug. “Thanks to mabl’s mobile testing solution, we can now automate mobile UI tests at a rate at least 10x faster than ever before which enables us to be faster at powering the business of photography, helping those businesses with their commerce, workflows, and asset management."

Mabl’s fifth Testing in DevOps Report, which surveys over 500 development and quality professionals, found that automation and technological challenges are a persistent - and growing - challenge, particularly for QA. For the first time in the report’s history, technology limitations were the top DevOps obstacle, surpassing budget constraints and the slow process of change. This was an especially acute issue for mobile app teams, as 70% reported that they still rely on manual testing. These ongoing testing challenges mean that defects are typically caught later in development, with 48% of issues caught in the deployment stage.

Mabl leverages a diverse set of AI capabilities including machine learning, generative AI, expert systems and computer vision, to automate rote testing tasks, build reliable tests, and improve the user experience. Mabl’s mobile app testing capabilities further solidify its position as the leader in low-code, AI-powered QA testing across mobile, web, API, performance and accessibility, with capabilities including: 

  • AI Techniques: Including, but not limited to, machine intelligence that eliminates manual selector tasks, accelerates test creation, identifies gaps in test coverage to optimize the user experience, and identifies performance degradation before problems arise
  • Effortless Test Creation: Simplifies test creation for iOS and Android apps for diverse technical skills and reduces test creation time to a matter of minutes.
  • High Reliability: Auto-healing and Intelligent Wait minimize flaky tests and increase overall trust in results.
  • Cloud-Powered Scalability: Parallel cloud execution without infrastructure management offers speed and affordability.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to embed seamlessly into the development pipeline, promoting early and continuous testing.

“Ensuring the highest quality software across the entire user experience is critical for organizations today. End user transactions globally occur primarily on smartphones, yet the mobile app testing and deployment process has failed to catch up to the pace of change, and largely continued to be arcane, time-intensive, and highly piecemeal in its focus on the testing experience,” said Dan Belcher, cofounder at mabl. “In this climate, organizations that don’t put mobile quality front and center will fail to attract and maintain their user base. At mabl, we’ve seen firsthand that organizations that embrace AI-powered, automated testing solutions have a competitive advantage, by democratizing mobile app testing and accelerating time to market.”

Mabl’s unified test automation platform is used by hundreds of global customers, including ADP, Barracuda, Priceline and SmugMug, enhancing the way that organizations manage, build, and deliver quality software. Using mabl, customers on average experience 70% maintenance reduction, 10x faster test runs, 3x faster test creation, and an 80% savings over homegrown solutions.