mabl is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Mabl joins Google Cloud Marketplace as a low-code test automation solution

Released September 21, 2022 - mabl, an enterprise SaaS leader of intelligent test automation, today announced its availability as a private listing on Google Cloud Marketplace. Mabl empowers software teams with a modern, intelligent solution for automating end-to-end tests throughout the development lifecycle. 

Google Cloud customers can now easily take advantage of mabl’s unified platform to scale automated functional UI, API, mobile web, and accessibility tests across browsers. Software development and QA leaders also benefit from mabl’s suite of reporting features, which support better cross-functional collaboration and streamlined quality operations that are highly complementary to Agile best practices and DevOps adoption. In addition, by leveraging mabl’s native integration with Google BigQuery, Google Cloud customers can take advantage of rich reporting and dashboards of their mabl test results. 

“We’re thrilled to be a low-code test automation partner on Google Cloud Marketplace,” says Mabl co-founder Izzy Azeri. “With the addition of mabl to the Google Cloud Marketplace, Google Cloud customers can now very easily purchase mabl, drastically reducing the time to purchase new solutions.”

With mabl’s low-code user interface, anyone - regardless of coding experience - can create automated tests within minutes, allowing teams to quickly execute tests as their product evolves. Unlike traditional testing frameworks, mabl’s use of machine intelligence also ensures that expanded testing doesn’t create an unsustainable amount of test maintenance. This means that quality teams can stay focused on what matters most: improving test coverage and the user experience. 

“Software teams need test automation solutions that enable them to meet the quality standards of users and increase product velocity,” says Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. “With mabl’s intelligent test automation solution available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can more easily deploy the technologies they need to scale up product testing and deliver exceptional experiences to end users.”

The partnership between mabl and Google Cloud will support software development teams in expanding their software testing capabilities to match the demands of cloud-native, agile development. To learn more about mabl on Google Cloud Marketplace, visit the listing here