mabl Expands Machine Learning Capabilities with Intelligent Wait

New feature improves automated test reliability and further reduces test maintenance

Released Tuesday, March 29, 2022 - mabl, the leading intelligent test automation company for quality engineering, today announced new AI-powered capabilities, known as Intelligent Wait. Intelligent Wait reduces test failures and runtime by incorporating historical application performance into the timing of actions within tests.

Among other metrics, mabl collects performance data for application elements during each test run and automatically tailors test timing to match the pace of the application. By mitigating the need to insert manual wait steps or other cumbersome configurations, Intelligent Wait enables quality engineering teams to improve test reliability and reduce false positives without any extra work, saving them valuable time and effort. 

“Embedding intelligent test automation in the software development pipeline gives quality engineering teams a significant advantage with features like Intelligent Wait,” said mabl Head of Product Management, Gevorg Hovsepyan. “Valuable time and resources can be better spent on high-impact tasks that improve the customer experience, rather than investigating preventable test failures.” 

In their recent market guide on AI-Augmented Software Testing Tools, Gartner® states:

“The market for software testing tools is rapidly moving from supporting simple test execution to applying AI throughout the full software test cycle. Software engineering leaders must build a portfolio of multiple tools and capabilities to support AI-augmented software testing.”

Intelligent Wait further positions mabl as a leader in AI-augmented test automation solutions by extending mabl’s suite of machine intelligence features designed to help software teams reduce the rote work of managing automated tests. Auto-healing reduces the effort needed to maintain tests by automatically updating tests as the product evolves, while Page Coverage uses machine learning to combine similar application URLs to give mabl users useful insights about real application usage. 

Intelligent Wait is available today to all mabl users and those enrolled in the free trial. Sign up today.  

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