mabl Extends Low-code Test Automation Platform to Include Accessibility Testing

New capability enables software teams to easily embed accessibility testing into the delivery pipeline 

Released April 27, 2022mabl, the SaaS leader for intelligent test automation, has announced the addition of automated accessibility testing as the latest enhancement to its unified platform for quality engineering. Currently in beta, the new feature empowers software teams to automatically identify and resolve accessibility issues earlier in development as part of their end-to-end testing efforts, before they impact end users.

Accessibility is a rapidly growing concern for organizations of all sizes, especially as consumer preferences have shifted to digital-first experiences and updated government regulations are introducing stronger consequences for noncompliance. Software applications are constantly changing, yet accessibility checks are largely relegated to infrequent audits while assessing functional quality is built into the development pipeline. Most teams are managing accessibility reactively, mitigating issues only after they’ve been discovered in production where customers are impacted and the risk of damaging the organization's brand, undermining trust, and facing a lawsuit is much higher.

Using mabl, quality engineering teams can easily embed automated accessibility checks into their delivery pipelines. Powered by axe-core, a popular engine for accessibility testing, accessibility checks are fully integrated into mabl’s low-code test automation solution for web, email, PDF, and mobile web testing. Embedding accessibility testing with actionable reporting into the development pipeline makes it easier than ever for software teams to continuously verify adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) - versions 2.0 and 2.1. 

“Accessibility is a critical area of quality, as well as an ethical concern that impacts every company - and particularly those with public-facing applications or websites,” said mabl co-founder Dan Belcher. “Mabl now empowers quality teams to lead the way in proactively mitigating accessibility issues long before they reach customers, resulting in a better user experience and avoiding costly defects.”

The automated accessibility testing beta is now available to all mabl users including those enrolled in a 14-day free trial. Quality teams can harness the power of low-code intelligent test automation to embrace data-driven testing, integrate quality engineering into their DevOps pipelines, and now, positively impact broader areas of product quality that ensures everyone has an enjoyable digital experience.