Mabl Delivers New Unified Test Automation Platform Innovations

New performance testing and flexible packaging empower enterprises to scale software quality with a modern approach

Released February 6, 2024 - mabl, the leading unified test automation platform delivering a modern approach to software quality, today announced new performance testing capabilities that empower companies to discover functional and non-functional issues before they impact users, in conjunction with new flexible packaging and pricing options. 

Now available to all customers and as part of mabl’s free trial, new API and browser load testing features enable development teams to integrate performance testing into DevOps pipelines with low-code test creation and the unique ability to reuse existing functional tests for performance. Teams can leverage mabl to improve the quality of their user experience across web applications and APIs, then reuse those same tests for load testing to ensure optimal performance. Mabl’s AI-powered auto-healing capabilities automatically update browser and API tests for less maintenance as the application evolves.

Performance testing in mabl delivers more value than scripted performance testing tools with significantly less effort thanks to actionable insights that can be shared across the entire team. For example, Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics defined by Google and incorporated into search result rankings that quantify user-perceived page speed, can be used to set failure criteria in combination with other factors like user journey duration. Companies can reduce the risk of new releases introducing performance degradations that impact the user experience and revenue streams, while developers and QA can adopt continuous performance testing with no infrastructure to maintain for faster time-to-market.

“Performance testing integrated with functional testing in a unified platform empowers development teams to shift performance to the left for best-in-class user experiences,” said mabl co-founder Dan Belcher. “Delivering modern software quality means supercharging all aspects of testing with the power of cloud, low-code, and AI. With mabl, teams have a unified platform for functional and non-functional quality that gives companies the tools to adapt to faster development cycles and changing consumer preferences.”

Developers and QA can manage software quality across the full customer journey from a centralized hub that allows all team members to use existing functional tests for accessibility, performance, or cross browser testing for Firefox, Chrome, Safari (WebKit), and Microsoft Edge. Teams can run these tests in sequence, in parallel, or as a scheduled part of CI/CD pipelines for continuous performance testing that aligns with DevOps and CI/CD. Cloud-based test runs also return in-depth results that can be shared automatically via mabl’s integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Jira for faster defect discovery and resolution. 

As part of their effort to make modern software quality possible in the DevOps era, mabl also introduced a packaging and pricing model designed for flexibility and efficiency. Mabl customers can now pay once for mabl and share it across all capabilities including UI, API, accessibility, and performance testing. Businesses can scale and adapt their software testing strategy according to their needs without worrying about restrictive or punitive cost structures. 

Mabl co-founder Izzy Azeri explained “Many testing tools are only ‘unified’ in their brand and or marketing. Mabl gives companies an enterprise-grade platform with test asset reusability, cross-product reporting and dashboards as well as a customer-centric pricing model, making it compelling for managing all functional and non-functional tests for better user experiences.”