Mabl Announces Integrated API Testing for Improved Test Coverage

Expanded API Testing Capabilities Match New Reality of the API Economy

Released October 4, 2022 - mabl, the SaaS leader in low-code test automation, today announced new features that empower quality professionals to easily validate APIs as part of their integrated end-to-end tests. The new range of capabilities make it possible for quality teams to improve test coverage across user journeys that depend on APIs to deliver a high-quality customer experience. 

APIs play an integral role in creating delightful customer experiences and enabling digital innovation. Industries that have seen the fastest digital transformations - financial services, ecommerce, and travel - are seeing the fastest rates of API adoption as they meet consumer demand for digital-first experiences. Banks alone expect to triple the number of public APIs in use by 2025, making it essential for quality engineering teams to incorporate API testing into their end-to-end testing strategy. 

Mabl’s expanded API testing capabilities empower software development teams to quickly start integrating API testing into their existing automated testing strategy. Rather than rely on a disparate toolset to invoke and validate APIs for quality assurance, testing teams can incorporate API tests into end-to-end tests, run parallel API tests in the cloud, and embed API tests into CI/CD pipelines for cohesive, efficient testing. The time to value from API testing is drastically shortened with low-code test creation and centralized reporting for UI and API test results. API tests can also be created by importing Postman Collections directly into mabl so quality teams can monitor long term performance trends, enabling them to catch degrading API performance well before users are impacted. With mabl, API testing becomes a routine part of software testing that reflects the full role of APIs in the customer experience as well as developer preferences for building new products. 

“We’re in an era where APIs are not only key for digital transformation, but also for integrating into the API economy. Quality engineering is an important enabler of both transitions,” says Gevorg Hovsepyan, Head of Product Management at mabl. “Mabl’s expanded API testing capabilities ensure that quality can evolve with the user experience as more organizations embrace public APIs to provide new features.”

Current mabl users can start seeing API test results in minutes by embedding API tests in their existing end-to-end tests, or by creating new standalone API tests.