Mabl Announces Integration to Advance Automated Testing for CI/CD

Integration with GitLab enhances product quality and developer experience in CI/CD

Released November 21, 2023 - Low-code test automation leader mabl today announced an integration with GitLab, the most comprehensive AI-powered DevSecOps platform for software innovation. The integration enables development teams to easily leverage the best-in-class platforms for comprehensive end-to-end testing feedback directly within CI/CD pipelines. With the integration, development organizations can understand the impact of code changes on the customer experience, which helps increase pipeline efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction.

There is a growing demand for more efficient DevOps practices to improve the developer experience and product quality. According to GitLab’s 2023 Global DevSecOps Report, 46% of respondents are planning DevOps process optimizations this year. Considering that 44% of engineers say that finding and fixing bugs is their biggest pain point, testing is a high-impact opportunity to improve CI/CD efficiency without burdening development teams. By leveraging the mabl integration with GitLab, software teams have the ability to consistently deliver quality products via automated pipelines that maximize developer productivity.

“The future of DevOps is intelligent, collaborative, and bug-free,” says mabl co-founder Izzy Azeri. “Mabl’s integration with GitLab combines the strength of DevSecOps with the confidence of quality engineering so that development teams can delight their developers and their customers with better experiences.” 

Automated testing that covers the entire user experience is often too slow, unreliable, and high-maintenance to be truly integrated into CI/CD workflows, forcing companies to choose between velocity and increasing the risk of customer-impacting defects. Through the mabl integration with GitLab, developers can trigger smoke test suites upon commits and regression test suites on pull requests for rapid feedback. 

For even faster results, developers have the option to run smoke tests locally using the mabl CLI package. They can then review test results directly in GitLab for streamlined workflows, or follow the accompanying deep links into mabl for comprehensive diagnostics data that helps development teams triage issues faster. Mabl’s cloud-native scalability, unlimited parallelization, and autohealing capabilities ensure that developers have the best experience integrating automated testing into their GitLab pipelines for confident deployments, even as their teams accelerate product velocity.