Mabl’s 2021 Testing in DevOps Report Finds that Software Test Automation is Integral to Quality, Customer Happiness and DevOps Maturity

Data Reveals Pandemic Broadened Adoption of Agile Development Practices and CI/CD

Released June 30, 2021: Mabl, the leading intelligent test automation solution for high velocity software development teams, today announced the findings of their third annual State of Testing in DevOps Survey. The survey collected responses from over 600 quality assurance and software development professionals from around the world to discover how the pandemic impacted DevOps and CI/CD adoption, development speed, and quality practices.

“The 2021 Testing in DevOps Survey showed that 2020 shifted the definition of DevOps adoption and maturity,” says mabl co-founder Dan Belcher. “Rather than simply focusing on accelerating development cycles, teams broadened their focus to improving quality practices and expanding automation throughout the development pipeline.”

The report reveals that quality engineering plays an integral role in DevOps as more organizations adopt and mature their Agile practice. While deployment frequency remained relatively consistent compared to last year, 31% of fully automated DevOps teams described their customer happiness as amazing compared to 7% of DevOps aspiring teams.

 “Contrary to popular belief, the difference between fully automated DevOps teams and aspiring DevOps teams wasn’t deployment speed: it was quality,” observes mabl co-founder Izzy Azeri. “QA - more specifically test automation - is playing a critical role in DevOps maturity, which we see reflected by the fact that fully DevOps teams are twice as likely to be completely confident in their code releases than those early in the adoption process.”

Over 50% of fully DevOps teams say they have a culture of quality, where testing is performed early and often in the development cycle. One-in-three DevOps practitioners also report that testing is a team sport that involves everyone. Those mature testing practices result in lower stress for the entire development organization: DevOps teams were twice as likely to catch bugs early in the development process compared to DevOps aspirants.

The impact of a culture of quality with the help of test automation in DevOps can be seen in how survey respondents viewed collaboration between development and quality teams, how quickly organizations are able to address defects, and the confidence they had in their products. The full report can be downloaded here.

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