Mabl Celebrates Significant Company Milestones and Industry Recognition

Company experiences strong growth as global adoption of low-code test automation accelerates

Released February 28th, 2023 - mabl, the SaaS leader in intelligent test automation, entered 2023 with strong momentum. In the previous twelve months, the company nearly doubled headcount, earned industry recognition for their culture and innovation, hosted a global event to help software development teams elevate testing, and introduced numerous enhancements to their automated testing solution.  

Mabl continues to experience rapid adoption of its low-code test automation solution across the globe. In 2022, paid active users nearly doubled and those users generated over 5 billion observations, or test artifacts, as well as nearly 2M test result screenshots per day over the course of the year. 

At last year’s mabl Experience event held in November, there were several customer presenters including Vince Esquillin, who shared how JetBlue delivers a high quality digital experience and cited that his team saw a “90% reduction in test execution time” with the help of mabl.

Company Milestones

In addition to growing adoption, mabl reached other key milestones in 2022 including: 

  • Net dollar retention rate above 125%. 
  • Availability of the mabl solution on the Google Marketplace.
  • The release of the newly created mabl Certification program.
  • Attracting over 1,200 software professionals to the 3rd annual mabl Experience event.
  • 75% increase in mabl employees across the globe.

In 2022, the company also earned accolades from G2 as a Leader in Test Automation, Built In Boston Best Places to Work, and SD Times Companies to watch. Most recently mabl was recognized for the third straight year with Built In Boston’s Best Places to Work 2023.  

Product Innovation

The company continues to deliver new capabilities that enable software teams to scale test automation to keep pace with accelerated product development timelines and deliver high quality customer experiences. Some new enhancements include:

  • Enhancements to validate APIs as part of integrated end-to-end tests. Adoption has already resulted in 150% growth in the number of API tests executed with mabl.
  • The release of cross-browser support for Microsoft Edge and support for testing Shadow DOM components that empower customers to further extend test coverage. 
  • Automated accessibility checks embedded in automated tests. Since it’s release, this new feature has been adopted by nearly a quarter of mabl’s largest enterprise customers.
  • Japanese localization of the mabl solution, website and documentation. Since being updated, nearly all paid users in Japan have begun using mabl in their local language. 

“Companies are looking to connect digital transformation to better customer outcomes,” shared co-founder Izzy Azeri. “Quality engineering backed by low-code automated testing is proving central to how companies scale high-quality user experiences and improve development practices. Mabl’s momentum is proof of the value quality leaders see in testing.” 

Software development and quality leaders can experience the impact of low-code test automation by registering for mabl’s two-week free trial. Mabl can also be found on Twitter (English and Japanese) and LinkedIn.