Study Finds that Elevating Testing Improves Customer Experience, DevOps Maturity

Mabl’s 2022 Testing in DevOps Report includes key findings that reveal the positive business impact of embedding automated testing throughout the software development lifecycle.

Released November 16, 2022 - mabl, the SaaS leader in intelligent test automation, today announced the results of their fourth annual Testing in DevOps Report. This year’s analysis gathered insights from over 500 quality and engineering professionals to understand how the role of software testing and quality engineering (QE) is evolving alongside the adoption of DevOps practices. The results show that when QE is a strategic pillar of development, deployment cycles are faster, teams are more collaborative, and customer satisfaction is high.

The 2022 Testing in DevOps report shared that while most respondents are still working to fully embrace DevOps practices, nearly one third of them also reported their deployment frequency is 50-100% faster than the previous year, and another 7% reported it is more than 100% faster. As development cycles are speeding up, customer satisfaction for those teams deploying rapidly was also twice as likely to be rated as good or excellent - a positive business outcome for any organization battling to acquire new customers and build lasting relationships.

The report reveals that QE and automated testing are critical success factors that aid software development teams in deploying faster and retaining higher customer satisfaction. Key insights include:

  • 66% of respondents said that QA and test engineers are as strategic or influential as their software engineering counterparts.
  • 41% of teams that value QA as strategic to the organization are twice as likely to rate customer satisfaction as good or amazing.
  • Teams with fully automated pipelines were 9x more likely to rate test coverage as good/excellent
  • Teams who rated test coverage as good/excellent are 
    • 1.6x more likely to report customer satisfaction as good or amazing.
    • 3.6x as likely to report smooth/stress-free deployments
    • 2.5x more likely to find bugs earlier in development
    • 1.6x more likely to resolve bugs within the first 8 hours of identification

“If quality engineering isn’t strategic to your organization, you’re in danger of losing to your competitors,” said Dan Belcher, co-founder at mabl. “The software teams that have learned how to move fast but remain grounded in quality and customer satisfaction will be the winners in today’s digital economy.”  

The report includes dozens of key findings on where software development teams are in their DevOps journey, the state and role of testing at those organizations, and how collaboration and culture fit into the overall workflow. Download your copy of the full report here, and join us on December 14th at 12pm ET for a live webinar where we’ll discuss the findings and answer your questions. Register here.