API Testing: Pricing FAQ

What is mabl API testing?

API testing enables you to validate functionality, reliability, and performance of application programming interfaces (APIs). Unlike browser tests, API tests are performed at the message layer without the involvement of a graphical user interface (GUI).

You can improve speed and reliability of your existing end-to-end browser tests by executing certain tasks, such as data setup and teardown, at the API layer. You can also easily create functional API tests to increase overall API coverage and benefit from unified test execution, management and reporting in mabl.

What’s included in mabl API testing?

The API testing package includes the following capabilities:

  • API steps in browser tests (first released in June 2019)
  • API tests with comprehensive diagnostics data
  • API standards supported: REST, GraphQL
  • Combined API and browser testing plans
  • Run API tests locally, inside CI, and mabl cloud
  • Reporting for API tests
  • Integrations - Postman, Swagger, CI/CD, Slack, BQ, etc.

To learn more, check out the API testing help guide.

What mabl subscriptions plans is API testing available in?

Mabl API testing is currently in beta. During the beta period it is available to all trial users and customers on Growth and Enterprise plans free of charge for unlimited test runs.

When API testing becomes generally available later in 2021, the capabilities will be bundled into a new Enterprise 2021 subscription plan, which you can purchase today. Customers currently subscribed to Growth and Enterprise plans can purchase API testing as an add-on. To inquire about purchasing API testing, please request a quote.

Can I use API steps within browser tests?

Yes, you can add API steps to your browser tests to make API requests, validate the response data, and also assert that the API and UI return the same values all within the same end-to-end browser test.

What’s the difference between API steps in browsers tests and API tests?

API steps for browser tests provide basic capabilities for making web requests within the context of a browser test to allow you to validate that the API and UI return the same results.

On the other hand, if you want to have pure end-to-end API tests that you manage outside of a browser test context, then you should use the new API test type in mabl. You can also import existing Postman collections as mabl API tests.

What is an API request for the purposes of billing?

Unlike cross-browser testing, which is billed by number of browser test runs for the month, API testing is billed by the number of API requests made during all browser and API test runs. For example, if you have a browser test run with 5 API steps in it and an API test run with 20 API steps, then the total number of billable API requests from the two test runs will be 25.

Can I import my existing Postman Collections?

Yes, mabl integrates with Postman so you can easily automate any manual API testing you may be doing with Postman. You can import collections from Postman to mabl as well as from mabl to Postman with a click of a button. Learn more.

Where can I learn more about API testing?

Check out the API testing help guide and sign you up for your free trial.

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