DevOps has revolutionized the way in which teams develop and ship products. As these applications and products have become more complex, the value of testing these changes becomes increasingly important. To do so in a robust and efficient way is even more challenging. mabl aims to tackle this challenge by enabling your team to test more frequently while using the tools that are an integral part of your workflow.

The mabl Azure Pipelines integration allows you to easily integrate mabl tests as part of your application build process. When pipeline tasks are triggered, a deployment event is created in mabl, which starts the corresponding test runs. This integration ensures that these pipeline tasks only proceed when all tests have passed successfully.

mabl and Azure Pipelines enable teams to:

+ Run mabl tests during the application build process

+ View mabl test statuses in Azure Pipelines

+ Specify browsers to run tests against

+ Set the run as a fixed baseline for visual change models, or use the run to rebaseline these models

Azure PIpelines

Value of integrating automated testing into your application build process


Easily shift testing further to the left and reap all the benefits of adopting DevOps, especially in regard to quality


Ship quickly while mabl tests for visual, functional, & performance regressions on every deployment


Increase productivity with continuous testing in CI/CD, reducing the time spent on context switching & bug fixes

The mabl integration with Azure Pipelines makes it simple to introduce quality into your application build process. The integration can be found in the Azure Marketplace, and all it requires is your mabl API key to get started. We have a Deployment API builder tool available in mabl for more advanced configurations to help you hit the ground running.

mabl Azure DevOps