note doubles down on DevOps by testing continuously to deploy with more confidence

Issue Detection

No efficient way of detecting if there were any critical issues in their staging environment before deploying a new feature or bug fix

Test Creation Time

70% reduction in time to create tests

Confidence in Deployment

More confidence when deploying

Democratize Testing

Democratize testing across the entire team

note (formerly Piece of Cake) is a well-known Japanese online media company that runs note and cakes. Note provides its users with a simple, yet polished interface to both create and consume on-demand content. With the support of many media partners and numerous followers, creators are given the chance to offer unique content like manga volumes and novels to their growing community.

The person in charge of the QA team who is the Lead Test Engineer at note, as well as the subscription online magazine, cakes, and is responsible for managing their automated software testing. Since note’s company mission is to “make it easy for anyone to start and continue creative activities,” He knows that ensuring the stability of feature deployments is extremely important to the company’s success. The goal for the entire engineering team at note is to own quality and ensure they are delivering the best possible product to their customers.

Preventing critical defects from reaching production and negatively impacting the business.

Before mabl, the person in charge of the QA team   and his team did not have automated (browser) testing in place and, in turn, did not have an efficient way of detecting if there were any critical issues in their staging environment before deploying a new feature or bug fix. Developers had no choice other than to manually test, which was very inefficient and time-consuming.

He began to engage with testing communities on Twitter and found some positive discussions about mabl. He wanted to see the product for himself so he decided to take out a trial. Through the trial experience, He immediately realized that mabl was extremely convenient and helpful. He knew almost immediately that mabl would be a great asset to their team. He was able to rapidly implement the product and see quick time-to-value.

Developers are now able to verify their core features faster and deploy more confidently as a result.
 Lead Test Engineer, note

Delivering with confidence

With mabl, developers are now able to verify that there are no defects in the core features through test output results when deploying new features. Because of this, developers are now able to more confidently deploy updates. With the help of mabl, the team has already found numerous defects before production deployments - which saves the team both time and money.

The user experience within mabl has also been very positive. The note team has found it is easy to make and maintain tests through mabl Trainer. Plus, the insights gained from the test output and dashboards are abundant and very helpful for troubleshooting. In addition, he and his team found mabl’s AI-powered auto-healing to be very beneficial - it enabled test continuity and time savings for the whole team.

The ease of use paired with intelligent insights has attracted note’s developer team to create and maintain tests in mabl themselves, which is ideal for note’s greater strategy to enable developers to test at every stage of the development cycle. He and his team even expanded the total scope of their testing because mabl’s unique Mailbox feature allowed them to create a flow to verify emails are sent on successful purchases, along with other critical email flows.

Continuous testing, paired with a 70% reduction in time to create tests, has also allowed the note team to release new features and bug fixes with greater velocity.
Lead Test Engineer, note

Continuous testing for a successful DevOps delivery pipeline

Since implementing 1 year ago, the note team has found many significant business benefits from integrating mabl into their development cycle and testing environment. Now, they are able to run mabl tests every time they deploy to staging or production, which has allowed their development team to catch bugs before production and release with higher confidence. This continuous testing, paired with a 70% reduction in time to create tests, has also allowed the note team to release new features and bug fixes with greater velocity, which delights their customers and improves their business. To top it all off, Taka and his team have seen quick time-to-value because mabl’s intuitive user experience enables quick training for developers.

As note grows and scales its business and testing strategy, the team have found the mabl Support Team to be phenomenally helpful by saving them hours of ramp-up time and eliminating the need to hire an expert internally to build and maintain testing infrastructure. . They are very responsive to questions and offer expert advice, which allows them to optimize their environment and deliver quality fast. Having the mabl Support team as an ally is also very reassuring - it’s evident that mabl is passionate about helping customers succeed and values their collaboration and opinions.


As the note team looks to the future, they hope to integrate mabl even more into their development pipeline by training more developers to optimize testing at every stage. His vision includes distributing the testing responsibility across the developer team, enabling them to create and manage their own tests and drive a successful DevOps environment.

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