Here’s what is happening in our industry:


...of organizations are in the process of or have fully adopted DevOps

mabl, "2021 State of Testing in DevOps Benchmark Report," 2021

...of consumers consider UX important when making a purchasing decision

PWC, "Experience is everything: Here's how to get it right," 2018

...of employees are unhappy at work because of the software they use

G2, "State of Software Happiness Report," 2019

...of teams are deploying code to production weekly or daily

mabl, "2021 State of Testing in DevOps Benchmark Report," 2021

The problem?

Today, many of us are practicing quality assurance. QA traditionally assures the quality of code before it is released to production. 


Quality engineering

Quality engineering, on the other hand, is an opportunity to expand our roles. We work to create the best possible experience for our users by consistently optimizing application quality.


What is quality engineering?

We integrate test automation further into the development lifecycle

Move beyond shift-left and transition to continuous testing. By integrating testing further into development, teams can identify and address issues earlier. They’ll be resolved faster, and won’t negatively impact your users’ experience.

Start automating non-functional requirements such as accessibility and performance.

Functional testing validates your application works as expected. Website loading too slowly due to performance issues? App unusable to users because it’s not accessible? Your application needs to work for everyone.

Make data-driven decisions to constantly optimize application quality

Test coverage is a critical metric for quality engineering teams. Along with the dozens of quality data points teams have access to in cloud-based test automation solutions, the data must be structured to be actionable.

Ensure quality across the entire customer experience

Teams who are truly practicing quality engineering monitor all users’ interactions with the application, prioritize areas of the application that need additional test coverage, and serve as advocates for their users.

How do we do this?

Quality engineering is enabled by intelligent, low-code test automation such as mabl.


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