mabl Enables Quality Engineering Teams to Improve Test Coverage with Microsoft Edge Support

Expanded Cross-Browser Testing Capabilities Supports Customer-Centric Testing Strategies

Released August 25, 2022 - mabl, the SaaS leader in intelligent test automation, today announced the introduction of cross-browser testing for Microsoft Edge. The new capability enables quality teams to expand test coverage across critical user journeys and tailor their testing strategy to match the real-world needs of their customers. 

The deprecation of Internet Explorer earlier this year cemented the importance of Edge support for enterprise users, particularly those in industries like insurance, banking, and enterprise software. Supporting customers in these highly advanced sectors means that quality experiences when using Edge will be imperative for many B2B software organizations. With mabl, quality teams can expand test coverage across those critical user experiences with low-code, intelligent testing.

“Microsoft Edge support in mabl allows quality teams to expand cross-browser test coverage at scale,” says Gevorg Hovsepyan, Head of Product Management at mabl. “The bar for a high quality experience continues to be raised, and now mabl customers have even greater ability to  to meet the needs of a broader set of users.”

Cross-browser testing for Edge harnesses the same powerful suite of mabl features designed to enhance the expertise of quality teams. Coupled with other recent releases including Shadow DOM support, Intelligent Wait, and automated accessibility checks, support for Microsoft Edge further delivers on the benefits of mabl’s unified platform for test automation. Whether it’s testing web apps in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge, mabl is unlocking comprehensive test coverage that supports high-quality user experiences. 

Cross-browser testing for Microsoft Edge is now available to mabl customers in Enterprise and Growth plans as well as those in mabl’s 14 day free trial