The team at Ritual is on a mission to make the future of vitamins clear by providing vitamins with better, traceable ingredients. Core to their direct-to-consumer business is the web application that allows their millions of customers to order their multivitamins. Born in this modern age, the Ritual team adopted a rapid, agile approach to application development. Part of their strategy was taking specific action to avoid the QA testing bottleneck that oftentimes results from fast-paced development, and ensure a high quality experience for their customers.

In this webinar, Ritual’s Director of Engineering, Daniel Archer and QA Director, Chris de Steuben shares how they’ve paired mabl’s intelligent test automation with customer data from Segment to create a testing practice with their most important asset - their customers - at the center. Watch and learn more about:

  • Ritual’s approach to customer-centric QA
  • Benefits of using data and intelligence to inform testing
  • QA best practices for modern development teams