For W Energy, "Quality by Design" is More Than Just an Idea


Manual testing processes have led to bottlenecks and a slowdown in innovation


90% planned functional test coverage by EOY


60% planned reduction in production bugs by EOY


Adoption of a culture of automation across engineering

W Energy is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the energy market. This case study explores their journey towards achieving quality at scale through a multi-pronged approach.


W energy is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By refining our quality assurance strategies and integrating QA throughout the development lifecycles, we aim to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional products.  


W Energy implemented a five-pillar strategy to strengthen QA capabilities:

  1. Architecture Modernization: Shifting towards a microservices-based architecture to improve scalability and maintainability.
  2. Infrastructure Transformation and DevOps Automation: Automating infrastructure provisioning and deployment processes to streamline development and delivery.
  3. Product Planning: Consolidating releases to three major events per year to focus on defined themes for those releases.
  4. R&D and Support Alignment: Streamlining collaboration between R&D and support teams to ensure timely and effective customer support.
  5. QA Test Coverage and Automation:
    • Focus on Comprehensive Test Plans: Ensuring test plans represent holistic customer usage scenarios.
    • Increased Automation: Leveraging automation to reduce manual testing efforts and improve regression cycle efficiency.
    • Partnership with mabl: Utilizing mabl's functional test automation tools to achieve a target of 90% coverage by year-end.
    • Focus on Quality by Design:
      • Embedding unit testing into the development process.
      • Integrating quality metrics into development productivity measurement.
      • Fostering a culture of automation within the entire engineering organization.

Expected Benefits:

  • Reduced Bug Leakage: Over 60% reduction in production bugs within a year.
  • Improved Customer Confidence: Increased adoption of new features and functionalities due to enhanced product stability.
  • Faster Delivery Cycles: Streamlined development and deployment processes.
  • Reduced Support Issues: Fewer customer support tickets due to fewer bugs.
  • Empowered Development Team: Transitioning from manual testing to automation fosters a a more efficient and productive development environment.


By embracing a comprehensive approach to quality, W Energy aims to deliver a more reliable and customer-centric product experience. The focus on automation, process improvement, and cultural shift promises to significantly enhance development velocity, reduce bug leakage, and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.

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