Phreesia Improves Product Health with Low-Code Testing for Production Environments


Manual testing was a slow and labor-intensive synthetic monitoring process


Team members save up to 6 hours per day


Monitoring team learned automated testing


Platform reliability is typically ~97%

With robust tools for medical visit registration, scheduling, payments and clinical support, Friend of mabl Phreesia empowers healthcare organizations to maximize efficiency and create great patient experiences. In 2022 alone, Phreesia facilitated 100 million patient visits—10% of all medical visits in the United States. Phreesia prides itself on its reliable, easy-to-use digital experiences that create tangible outcomes for healthcare organizations and patients alike. 

To ensure its products are dependable and stable, Phreesia consistently monitors application quality in production environments. Jacob Wagner and Mathieu Leduc, two of Phreesia’s Customer Reliability and Monitoring Architects, oversee a large external support team of more than 30 employees as part of Phreesia’s commitment to ensuring a high-quality user experience.

Jacob and Mathieu’s team is dedicated to supporting better customer experiences on Phreesia’s applications. Mathieu explained their approach: 

“You never want to be in a situation where customers are reaching out to tell you there’s a problem with your platform. We’ve invested in making sure we can proactively monitor our applications by effectively testing critical functionalities before our clients start their workday.”   

Proactively Managing Application Quality with Automated Testing

Prior to partnering with mabl, Phreesia relied on manual testing to assess quality—a time-consuming process that took the support team several hours every day to complete. As they looked to improve this workflow, Jacob and Mathieu knew an automated testing solution like mabl allow Phreesia to test critical application functionalities and user journeys in significantly less time. 

Now that they are using mabl, Phreesia’s monitoring team runs an extensive set of tests beginning at 12AM ET. These tests ensure every aspect of the user experience is working as intended. Due to the size and complexity of the Phreesia platform, production environments are divided into four different regions, each with their own databases. Testing covers everything from basic interactions, such as logging into an account, to more complex processes, such as adding a patient. This higher test coverage has enabled the Phreesia team to maintain 97% reliability across their platform. 

Mabl’s low-code test-creation process enabled Phreesia’s in-house and external monitoring teams to automate smoke testing as part of their daily workflows. This automation has allowed their team to cover more of the Phreesia platform, which is especially important right after releases or maintenance. With the timesavings they experience by using mabl, Phreesia employees can focus on higher-value tasks, such as manual canary testing, addressing customer concerns in conjunction with the support team, and expanding proactive monitoring. Jacob noted that he’s been able to add API calls that cover customer interactions involving third-party software and simulate more sophisticated interactions, such as text conversations with patients. As a result, the entire Phreesia team is more confident in product health and overall quality.

Creating a Sustainable Testing Infrastructure for Non-Technical Teams

In addition to increasing efficiency, mabl has made it easier for Phreesia to manage infrastructure testing. Traditionally, extensive resources are necessary to support exhaustive testing, but with mabl, Phreesia can get their team up to speed quickly. Three team members have been able to learn test automation so effectively that they’re saving approximately 6 hours of work per day, a significant shift compared to their previous testing strategy.  

“We're in healthcare, and uptime is extremely important because patients’ health is at stake, Jacob explained. “We need to have a team monitoring performance every day. Unlike code-intensive solutions, there’s no code base to maintain with mabl. Once we’ve run all the tests we want, I can pass mabl to someone who has less technical knowledge, and they can start building their own tests."

“People without deep technical expertise can take mabl and run with it, which makes testing more sustainable for my team in the long run,” Jacob added. 

Building a Healthy Future with Phreesia + mabl 

With mabl, Phreesia empowers monitoring teams to validate more of their complex SaaS platform for patient engagement, and Jacob and Mathieu can spend time helping their team build testing skills. And, most importantly, Phreesia can ensure its products are reliable and ready when clients need them most. 

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