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Jan 7, 2020 by Dan Belcher

Today, we're proud to begin our journey with Atlassian by introducing mabl's new integration with Bitbucket Pipelines. mabl now has its own Bitbucket Pipe that allows mabl and Atlassian users to quickly stand up continuous, functional end-to-end testing in a...

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Nov 14, 2019 by Dan Belcher

Since mabl’s inception, we have been inspired by a vision of creating intelligent CI/CD pipelines that make it as easy as possible for developers to quickly and safely ship their code to production. Today, we’re releasing two enhancements to our GitHub...

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Aug 8, 2019 by Dan Belcher

Building Intelligent Pipelines with mabl and GitHub Actions 2.0

At mabl, we have long envisioned a world where it was easy to configure and operate intelligent CI/CD pipelines. In that world, new code changes are automatically tested and assessed for their...

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Sep 18, 2018 by Dan Belcher

mabl Series B Funding

Today, we announced mabl Enterprise and a $20M round of funding. Taken together, these represent a major milestone for mabl as a company, a team, and a community of passionate users. We are deeply grateful for the village of advisors, ...

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Feb 28, 2018 by Dan Belcher

The state of the art in software testing has not kept pace with advances in software development over the past 10 years. Modern quality assurance (QA) groups struggle to play their role in a world of continuous delivery, leading to more defects in production, low...

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Jul 31, 2017 by Dan Belcher

We have founded two software startups now and worked at many software companies large and small. Those experiences have shaped the way we organize the engineering team at mabl, which is focused on getting a high-quality product to market quickly. Things are going...

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