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Increase Test Coverage with mabl's Regression Testing Tool

The automated regression testing tool from mabl helps teams increase test coverage while spending less time on test maintenance. With no programming experience required, teams have fine-grain control over when and how tests execute. Try it free for 14 days.

Test Coverage
Average Increase in Test Coverage
Faster Test Creation
Fewer Bugs in Production

With unlimited parallel regression tests, execute tests on-demand with mabl's automated regression testing tool.

Maintain full control over the sequence, parallelization, variables, and retries in your automated regression testing suite.
No need to start from scratch: import your existing Selenium scripts to mabl's automated regression testing tool.

Integrate regression testing directly into your development pipeline with native CI/CD integrations.

High-velocity software teams rely on mabl

Friends of mabl

Dale Cook
VP of Product Engineering

“Mabl easily integrates with our workflows and CI/CD pipelines so that developers can run really robust tests without using a lot of engineering resources.”

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Adeeb Valiulla
Head of Product Quality Assurance

"We went from 10% to 95% test automation coverage with 3 QAs and 5 developers. Our team is working with greater confidence and our customers are even happier."

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Samar Khan
VP Software Development and DevOps

"Using traditional automation tools like Selenium would have taken 2 years and $240K to accomplish what ITS did with mabl in just 4 months at 80% cost savings."

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Aniket Sonwalker
QA Manager for R&D

“My team started using mabl effectively in 6 weeks versus months with a traditional tool. They can easily maintain tests and our output has doubled as a result.”

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Meghan Elledge
Director of Engineering

“It’s about using automation to let people do their best work. Mabl helps more of our people play an active role in testing and think about higher value things.”

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Pradgnya Kulkarni
Director of QA Engineering

“With mabl, my team can scale testing when we need it most. We can run as many tests as needed in parallel without worrying about managing infrastructure.”

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See how mabl's automated regression testing tool can help your team test more efficiently

Easily create a regression test in mabl, and see how quickly you can execute and maintain it. Start building tests free for 14 days with mabl's automated regression testing tool.