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Before taking this lesson

Make sure you are comfortable with the following lessons:

  • mabl Trainer Introduction

Learning Objectives 🧠

By the end of this you will:

  • Understand how to perform email testing and validation in mabl

Note: this feature is available to Enterprise customers only. Contact your CSM to discuss your current plan if needed.

Why is this important?

Mabl makes it easy for you to test emails sent by your application to end users through the use of mabl mailbox.  Typical use cases include account registration, form submission, sending reminders and invoices, verifying attachments, and more.

The Mailbox capabilities include:

  • An easy way for any user to create end-to-end tests that include email validation without the need for scripting or complex setups
  • Ability to follow links from emails in the same end-to-end test
  • Capturing screenshots of the email message and detecting visual changes over time
  • Ability to validate attachments and their metadata
  • Highly secure inbox that keeps your test emails safe
  • Validating there are no issues with web application’s email provider

What is it?

Testing emails is easy through the use of mabl mailbox. When training a test, you can create a unique email address variable and use it when generating emails. You can then interact with and assert against all received emails using the mabl Trainer.

Getting started

Creating and using mabl email variable

  1. Click to create a new test or edit a test and open the Trainer.
  2. Under the Variable menu, click to create a new variable.
  3. Choose mabl mailbox address under the Set variable from dropdown and enter in a variable name. Click OK.
  4. Navigate to the appropriate page in your application from where you will be generating an email. Click the Variable menu, and choose Use an existing variable.
  5. Click to Use Variable as Input Value and select the variable name from the dropdown list. Click OK.

Verifying email content

  1. Upon generating an email, click the Add Step and Choose mailbox. Here is where you’ll see any emails received by the mabl email address.
  2. You can click to assert on the from address and the email subject.
  3. You can also open the email and interact with the rendered email content. The email will open in a new tab by default.

Setting custom email prefixes

You cannot set a custom email address altogether, however you can create a custom email prefix that will help you differentiate the emails. Follow the previous steps to create the mabl mailbox email variable. Next, click to create another variable, set from string template, and use the pattern prefix+. Input the prefix of your choice and you can use the following separators after the prefix: - dash, _ underscore, + plus sign.



To recap, mabl mailbox is an easy and simple way to validate email content generated by your application. Give it a try today!

Help Doc: Email Testing


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