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Learn how to properly implement mabl and optimize long-term usage with the following courses, which will guide you from setup to full workflow integration. Each lesson covers 1. What the concept is, 2. Why it is important for test automation, and 3. How to best utilize it in your testing with mabl. Expand each section to get started, and prepare for knowledge!


Data-driven testing

  • How to create data-driven tests.
  • How a data-driven test works.
  • Understand when data-driven testing is to be used.
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Login Flows

  • Identify different options for managing credentials within mabl.
  • Understand the use case for different types of login flows.
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API Testing

  • Understand how to configure API environments.
  • Know how to create and run API tests.
  • Feel comfortable creating variables and assertions in API tests.
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Test Coverage Overview

  • Know how mabl’s coverage feature works.
  • Understand the link crawler plan.
  • Gain familiarity with coverage calculation and metrics.
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Branching Tests in mabl

  • Know how branching in mabl works.
  • Understand how to use, review, and merge branches.
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Conditionals Steps Inside Tests

  • Understand what conditionals are.
  • Understand how to use conditionals in your mabl tests.
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  • Know how and when to leverage Looping.
  • Understand how Looping benefits your tests and aids with test maintenance.
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Visual Testing

  • Understand the value of Visual Testing.
  • Know how Visual Testing works.
  • Understand how Visual Tests are created.
  • Know where to review Visual changes.
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Mobile Web Testing

  • Understand the capabilities of mabl’s mobile web testing.
  • Understand why mobile web testing is important.
  • Know how to approach mobile web testing in mabl.
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PDF Testing

  • Understand Why it is useful to leverage PDF testing with mabl.
  • What the capabilities of PDF testing are How to approach using them in your tests.
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Email Testing

  • Understand how to perform email testing and validation in mabl.
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Performance Insights

  • Understand the basics of performance insights in mabl.
  • Know how to download performance data.
  • Understand what a “Speed Index” is and how it relates to performance.
  • Explore ways to use performance data to investigate any changes in speed index over time.
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Deployment Events

  • What a deployment event is.
  • Why someone might want to use it.
  • How to trigger a deployment event in mabl.
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Accessibility Testing

  • Define Accessibility Testing.
  • Create Accessibility Checks in the mabl Trainer.
  • Review Check Failures.
  • Create universally accessible user experiences.
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