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The following courses focus on the two main components of mabl and include lessons that cover a single feature, concept, or collection of best practices. Learn about what each concept is in mabl, why it is important in test automation, and how to best utilize it in your testing. Get started by expanding each section below, and prepare for knowledge!

mabl App
01 • 3 minutes

mabl Application Introduction

  • Understand the key building blocks of mabl.
  • Know where each component exists in the mabl app.
  • Feel comfortable with how each component relates to one another in mabl testing.
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02 • 3 minutes

Reports: Tests, Plans and Workspace

  • Understand how to configure Workspace and Plan reports.
  • Understand how to use Webhooks to export data from mabl.
  • Understand how to retrieve results using the Execution Result API.
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03 • 4 minutes

Visual Testing

  • Understand the value of Visual Testing.
  • Know how Visual Testing works.
  • Understand how Visual Tests are created.
  • Know where to review Visual changes.
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04 • 3 minutes

Data-driven testing

  • How to create data-driven tests.
  • How a data-driven test works.
  • Understand when data-driven testing is to be used.
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05 • 5 minutes

Test Results Best Practices

  • Understand what the tools used for debugging are.
  • Understand how/when to use those tools when approaching a failure.
  • Understand common next steps once an issue has been isolated.
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06 • 2 minutes


  • Know how branching in mabl works.
  • Understand how to use, review, and merge branches.
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07 • 2 minutes

mabl CLI Fundamentals

  • Understand why and when to use the CLI.
  • How to inspect mabl configuration.
  • How to run tests locally and in the cloud.
  • How to author and edit tests.
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08 • 3 minutes


  • Know how mabl’s coverage feature works.
  • Understand the link crawler plan.
  • Gain familiarity with coverage calculation and metrics.
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