Webinar • August 23 • 1:00PM EST

Test Automation Essentials: Getting Started with Automation

Andy Horgan

Solutions Engineer, mabl

Priyanka Dasgupta

Customer Success Manager, mabl

This is the era of the tester: consumer expectations are higher than ever, delivery cadences are accelerating, and testing is becoming a crucial enabler of DevOps transformation. To succeed in this new era, testers need to harness their manual testing expertise and expand their reach with test automation. Mabl’s low-code test automation solution has emerged as a user-friendly alternative that enables manual testers to quickly build comprehensive and reliable end-to-end tests, and integrate those tests into your teams’ workflows. It gives manual testers time back to expand the time spent on exploratory testing and advocating for your users.

In this workshop, Andy and Priyanka will walk you through the importance of a balanced approach in your test automation strategy and will provide hands-on walkthroughs of how to build low-code tests in mabl against real-life test cases. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how automation can extend your reach as a manual tester, and how to start building automated tests.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:


Identify opportunities for automating tests


Prioritize the right automated tests to build


Build a UI functional test using low-code


Create re-usability in your test steps

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