LIVE WEBINAR • May 7 • 1:00 pm ET

Test Automation Essentials: Modern Mobile App Testing

Krista King

Product Manager, mabl

Most mobile apps fail due to poor user experiences, often stemming from inadequate testing in the face of rapid development cycles. Manual testing remains prevalent, while scripted automation tools for mobile are complex and difficult to maintain. Combined with the vast array of devices and the high-risk nature of mobile deployments, these factors hinder the release of high-quality apps, leading to frustrating bugs and poor user experiences.

In this live workshop, Krista will share strategies to increase automated test coverage, shorten feedback cycles with parallel test execution across devices, balance virtual and real device testing, and effectively shift mobile testing left. She’ll walk through mabl’s unique approach to mobile test creation and execution, and you’ll learn how to build low-code tests using mabl.

By attending, you will learn how to:


Identify opportunities for automation across your pipeline


Build an end-to-end mobile test using low-code


Scale test creation by leveraging re-usability in your test steps


Extend your tests across web experiences

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