mabl Live Webinar • January 25th • 12PM EST / 5PM BST

In This Economy? How to Lead With Quality

Iris Rivera

Software Quality Engineering Manager, eTT Aviation

Juliette MacPhail

Product Manager, mabl

2020 encouraged many companies to build and support high-quality customer experiences. As lockdowns faded, users became accustomed to great digital experiences. Now, 2023 is bringing new challenges with the global economic outlook.

Looking ahead, how can you make sure your QA team is efficient while driving continued improvement in application quality? In this webinar, we’ll present the key trends that will impact QA leaders in 2023, share three strategies to help you grow or maintain excellent test coverage and customer experiences, and ensure QA is viewed as a critical component of your organization

Attendees will learn


Which industry and economic trends are impacting QA leaders in 2023


Three strategies you can employ to create higher-quality customer experiences


How to improve communication in and outside the QA organization

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