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Before taking this lesson

Make sure you are comfortable with the following lessons:

  • Mabl Trainer Introduction

Note: This feature is available to Enterprise plans only. Contact your CSM to discuss your current plan if needed.

Learning Objectives 🧠

By the end of this you will understand:

  • Why it is useful to leverage PDF testing with mabl
  • What the capabilities of PDF testing are
  • How to approach using them in your tests

Why is this important?

E2E Automation

  • If there are PDF’s interactions in your application, then they should be covered by automation in order to ensure end-to-end quality.
    • Cuts down on manual testing time
    • Ensures consistent validation of PDF use cases on a predictable cadence
    • Consolidates tech stack and cut costs (potentially)
  • PDF’s usually include important information -- make sure it is accessible and appears correctly for your users!

What is it?

mabl PDF Testing

  • While you’re creating a browser test the mabl Trainer will automatically detect when a PDF download is triggered.
  • Once loaded, use the trainer to create steps (assertions, variables, conditionals, etc.) that validate the doc is rendering properly.

Disclaimer 🗣

mabl does not extract text from images. In order for mabl to perform assertions there needs to be text that you’re able to highlight with your cursor.


Getting started

Steps to utilize

  1. Click on an element that triggers a PDF download.
  2. Wait for mabl to automatically recognize the PDF, download it to your local storage, and open up the PDF in a new tab.
  3. Dive on in! Using the mabl trainer, make assertions against the content of the PDF in order to validate important elements.

  4. Once finished, simply close the PDF tab, and continue you on with the rest of the test! It’s that easy!


    Note: if the PDF is embedded directly into the web page, you’ll see the PDF viewer in place of the normal viewer.

Best Practices

Validating Data

For data that needs to be validated within the PDF, be sure to store that data in a variable(s) prior to triggering the download so that you can make assertions against the variables once you’re in the PDF.



We learned:

  • Why testing PDF’s is important
  • What mabl’s approach is to PDF testing
  • How to approach using the trainer to accomplish PDF testing

What to do from here

If you have the ability to test PDF’s with mabl, go try it out!

If not, reach out to our CSM to see about adding it to your subscription!


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