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Before taking this lesson

Make sure you are comfortable with the following lessons:

  • Mabl App Intro
  • Mabl Trainer Intro

Learning Objectives 🧠

By the end of this you will understand:

  • What the capabilities of mabl’s mobile web testing are
  • How to approach mobile web testing in mabl
  • Why mobile web testing is important

Why is this important?

Validate User Experience

  • Mobile web testing is an important component in validating that your users are having a consistently great experience beyond the desktop and across mobile devices

What is it?

Create mobile web tests

  • Mobile web tests provide the ability to train tests on an emulated mobile device in your Chrome browser. This test can validate the user experience across different devices as well as the different orientations (vertical and horizontal)
  • Only available in the Desktop App

How do I use it?

How to create mobile web tests in mabl

  • In the Desktop App, click to create a new Test.
  • Select the mobile device you’d like to emulate.

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 1.21.28 PM

  • Click “Create Test” to begin training in the emulated device setting you selected, and add steps as you normally would for a mabl test (clicks, assertions, Flows, etc…)

What should I do before creating mobile web tests in mabl?

  • Before creating a mobile web test, a best practice we recommend is to analyze data from customer usage patterns.
  • This can be done using Audience reports in Google Analytics, or by connecting with product management or marketing teams at your company and review the data they’ve collected

What strategies can I use when creating mobile web tests in mabl?

  • Run the same tests against desktop and mobile devices and use Conditional Steps coupled with Flows to account for changes between the devices (navigation, resolution, lack of hover actions on mobile devices, etc…)
  • Maintain separate desktop and mobile device Tests and use Flows to reduce maintenance time if there are common steps between the different tests

How do I run mobile web tests?

  • Add them to a Plan as you normally would a Browser or API Test
  • Execute an ad-hoc run in the Cloud




What did we learn?

  • What mobile web testing is
  • How to strategize and approach mobile web testing
  • How to create and run mobile web tests


  • Adding mobile web tests is an important part of ensuring and validating your users are having a consistently great experience across all devices


  • If you don’t have any mobile web tests - grab some data on customer usage patterns and start building!


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