mabl Webinar • December 14th • 12PM EST / 5PM BST

Testing in 2023: Fast, Collaborative, and Automated

Fernando Mattos

Director of Product Marketing, mabl

Gev Hovsepyan

Head of Product, mabl

Mabl’s 2022 Testing in DevOps Report found that testing is still growing as a crucial DevOps enabler. When quality is elevated, the entire software ecosystem feels the impact. Deployments happen more frequently, allowing developers to build new products with more confidence. Quality teams can therefore improve the user experience, and consumers benefit from inclusive digital experiences.

Though process challenges continue to hold back DevOps adoption for many organizations, the report found that testing was the foundation for teams successfully navigating this transition. In this webinar, we will explore the full findings of the report, and see how testing leaders are planning to further grow their quality practices in the coming year.

The data will reveal:

Impact of testing on DevOps success


How testing is helping DevOps team overcome process challenges


What collaborative, automated DevOps pipelines look like


How testing is enabling teams to move faster and improve customer satisfaction


How testing leaders are expanding their testing strategies in 2023

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