Testing Roundtable • September 29 • 12PM EST / 5PM BST

Uncovering Quality Engineering’s Role in Digital Transformation

Paul Gerrard

Principal, Gerrard Consulting

Jessica Mosley

Director of Quality, Kintent

Gevorg Hovsepyan

Head of Product, mabl

Turbulent economic times are pushing organizations to sustainably and scalably adopt a digital-first mindset that was brought on by the pandemic. As organisations seek to build more efficient and adaptable companies poised to win customer loyalty online, software quality is in the spotlight.

As we evolve our quality assurance practices to quality engineering, there is an opportunity to support your organization's efforts to become digital-first, support your users, and ship at DevOps speeds. In this roundtable, you’ll hear from quality leaders on ways to expand your testing strategy to meet the needs of your organizations and exceed customer expectations. 

In this discussion, attendees will learn: 

How product leaders value testing in digital transformation and DevOps

Steps to adapt your testing practice to a digital-first world

How to connect testing activities to the experiences of your users

Elements of quality engineering that impact organization goals

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