Webinar • April 12 • 12:00PM EST

mabl Product Showcase: The Next Generation of Low-code Test Automation

Dan Belcher

Co-Founder, mabl

Low-code test automation helps software teams easily create, manage, and run automated tests at scale. Today’s next-generation solutions are so much more than just a record and playback tool. They deliver reliable tests with the full user experience in mind, execute quickly, and integrate seamlessly into your unique tech stack in a way that promotes collaboration and fast issue resolution.

On April 12, mabl Co-founder Dan Belcher is hosting a live product showcase, where we’ll walk through how the next generation of mabl’s low-code test automation will bring innovation in testing to your quality engineering team.

Join us and learn more about how to:


Create and run faster, more reliable tests


Take advantage of machine intelligence to reduce test failures


Drive collaboration across your entire team


Expand end-to-end testing beyond browser, API, and mobile

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