Webinar • July 15 • 12:00PM EST

How mabl Enables High-Velocity Teams

Andy Horgan

Solutions Engineer, mabl

For teams who have adopted DevOps - or are moving in that direction - testing can still hinder product velocity. Automation is critical to innovating with speed and quality, and we’ve spent hours of engineering effort on sophisticated test automation suites. But, very few of us are happy with the results. In order to achieve quality goals, we need testing that is intelligent and accessible to the whole team.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how mabl’s low-code test automation platform can help you increase test coverage and overall product quality - ultimately removing the testing bottleneck.

Get a live look into the mabl platform to see how to:


Easily create and execute end-to-end UI and API tests


Diagnose and analyze test results


Seamlessly integrate testing into your existing pipeline


Reduce bugs in production while increasing overall test coverage and product velocity

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