Webinar • March 29 • 12:00PM EST

Harness the Power of Low-code & Intelligence in Test Automation

Gev Hovsepyan

Head of Product, mabl

We all know the countless benefits of automating workflows in the software development pipeline. Unfortunately, all automation solutions are not created equal - especially when it comes to test automation. The impact of a low-code, intelligent solution is dramatic when compared to scripted tests or manual testing. Not only are quality teams more efficient, but test automation is also accessible to more team members, their tests yield better results and they collaborate more effectively with developers.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the key benefits of adopting a modern test automation solution, and examples of tangible business impact for companies with high-velocity software teams.

You’ll leave with an understanding of how mabl can help you improve the quality of your business-critical apps by:


Increasing the speed of test creation


Reducing wasted time spent on test maintenance


Expanding test coverage beyond basic validation

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