Guide to Testing in DevOps Pipelines

To reach the full potential of DevOps, teams need to consider software testing an integral part of the development process. Otherwise, testing is at risk of becoming a bottleneck to fast, frequent deployments. To open the bottleneck, testing needs to be implemented throughout your pipeline to accelerate product velocity and prevent costly bugs. This guide outlines a comprehensive framework for integrating testing throughout your pipeline - from code through production.

This guide will help you:

Break down the DevOps pipeline into four distinct phases

Learn the types of tests that should be executed in each tage

Understand the benefits to shift testing efforts left or right

Optimize your testing strategy for fast delivery cycles

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Testing as you code helps prevent committing wasted effort and prevents re-work.

Pull Requests

Automate PR tests and approvals to assert that your code still works as expected.


Using a simulated environment, a consistent suite of tests can catch bugs before shipping to production.


Testing in production ensures that your users are experiencing your product as intended.

Increase product velocity as you adopt DevOps

Understand exactly what tests should be executed in your DevOps pipeline to build continuous quality into the entire SDLC.


High-velocity software teams rely on mabl

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