Webinar • August 16 • 1:00PM EST

Fireside Chat: How Xandr Scales Automated Testing in Their CI/CD Pipeline

Embedding automated testing into the CI/CD pipeline is critical to delivering high quality applications at the rapid pace of today’s development lifecycle. Teams that are on their way to reaching the full potential of DevOps have established processes, empowered people, and selected technology solutions that promote collaboration at every step of the way.

The team at Xandr is doing just that. In this fireside chat, Jesse and Krista will discuss how the Xandr team collaborates on creating and maintaining automated tests in mabl, and specifically highlight how they have adopted the newly released advanced branching and version control capabilities to improve team collaboration and efficiency.

In this webinar, attendees will hear about:


Strategies Xandr uses to collaborate on building and modifying automated tests


Best practices for test creation and maintenance in a fast-paced environment


How to promote a culture of quality through collaboration

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