Webinar • August 19 • 12:00PM EST

Adapting Your Automated Test Strategy to New Frameworks

Darrel Farris

Quality Testing Expert, mabl

As an industry, we understand that effective test automation is a key enabler - or inhibitor to - realizing the potential of DevOps. Automation is critical to innovating quickly, shifting testing earlier in development, and creates a balanced quality strategy. With recent events such as Protractor’s end-of-life announcement and the changing goals of DevOps, quality engineering teams need to migrate their existing frameworks to continue developing with speed and quality.

In this webinar, Darrel Farris, Quality Testing expert at mabl, will guide you through best practices for migrating your automated tests to a low-code platform while expanding your end-to-end test coverage.

Attendees will learn:


How you can adapt your quality strategy to meet DevOps goals


Tips to identify a test automation framework that meets your requirements


How to effectively migrate tests into a new framework


The hidden benefits to migrating that help make your team more efficient

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